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Anyone who has experienced active acne in the skin can be significantly relieved by professional, skilled medical treatment. There is not reason to keep suffering from acne and hope for the best, when looking healthy and aesthetic can be easily achieved.

Unprofessional treatment of active acne is the main cause for scars or pigmentation spots,which add to the redundant suffering and require additional treatments. Even avoiding treatment of acne may cause complications, since the real factors that cause this phenomenon remain unclear.

Dr. Acky Friedman is a senior dermatologist with over 25 years of experience. Dr. Friedman is skilled not only in treating active acne, but also in personally adjusting a proper treatment plan for each patient, depending on personal medical parameters.

Therefore, the first step on the road to healing is to get a medical diagnosis at Dr. Friedman’s clinic. During the meeting, the severity of acne will be determined, as well as the possible complication in the treatment plan. This sets off an efficient medical treatment on the way to quick and proper healing.

The plan can include a medical prescription and an array of advanced treatments, in addition to personal suggestions for changes in lifestyles.

Why does acne exist?

Acne is a very common skin phenomenon that appears, in various level of severity, in all adolescents. The phenomenon depends, at least in part, due to hormonal changes, nutritional effects, stress and anxiety from additional factors. A dermatologist nowadays has a large variety of treatment methods, including local treatment, systemic treatment, and laser treatments, which are highly efficient and have a low risk level.
As a result, there are also methods for treating acne scars, and the treatments available nowadays can relieve and significantly improve their condition.


There are several considerations for diagnosing acne:

The phenomenon can be very light to highly significant, one that leaves scars in the patient’s skin.(Treating acne scars). 

We know that acne starts in younger ages than before, and therefore must consider treatment options, mostly medicinal ones, while taking extra caution in these patients. There are also adolescents that suffer from acne for a long time, and in many cases, this may cause social difficulties.

In treating, we must consider all factors, especially the efficiency of treatments and its implications, while considering the future with completely professional observance.

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