Age and Sun Spot Removal

Age and Sun Spot Removal

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Age and Sun Spot Removal

The spots known as age and sun spots usually appear after years of sun exposure, mostly in the areas of the back of the hand, forearm, upper chest (decollete), face and scalp, for people who suffer from hair loss.

These spots are usually an aesthetic burden, and their treatment has recently become accessible, efficient and quick, using devices that produce powerful light (IPL) combined with radio radiation (RF). By using this device, combining both options, it is possible to treat and remove the spots, located in varying depths of the skin while causing minimal damage to the upper Epidermis layer and, of course, with a minimal amount of pain.

The treatment is appropriate for all ages, as mentioned, involves little to no pain and may bring significant improvement in the skin’s look and texture, in all body areas where sun and age spots may be found. Depending on the skin condition and the dispersal and depth of the spots, it may take between one treatment to a series of 4-5 treatments, taking several weeks between treatments.

Following each treatment, you may notice a darkening of the spotted areas and a redness in other areas. These effects pass after a few days. You may conduct yourself as usual during these days, but must avoid sun exposure.

In some cases, it is possible to add a CO2 laser device, which rubs the spot off the upper skin layer and enables rejuvenation of this skin layer. This compliments the deeper treatment, performed with the IPL device.


Our skin sometimes develops various types of pigmentation, due to genetic or hormonal reasons, responses to medicine, use of cosmetic products, etc.

This type of pigmentation may develop in areas like the cheeks, sides (forehead and temple areas), above the upper lip, under the ears and on the neck.

This type of pigmentation may include various shades, sometimes combined, and pigment layers in varying depths of the skin. Accumulating sun exposure throughout the years may deepen and worsen the pigmentation.

Generally, these pigmentations must be treated while considering various layers of the skin they’re in. Therefore, there is a reasonable order to the various combinations.

Various skin lighting products, separate or combined, may cause a brightening and noticeable solidification of skin tones, and by that prepare the ground for using additional/other products or combining with an IPL device to promote and improve the process.

These lighting processes require time, patience and avoiding sun exposure throughout the entire treatment, but may bring substantial achievements in erasing pigmentation.

It is possible to treat specific stubborn spots using a combination of IPL and CO2 devices and chemical products, as they may sometimes spread out over several layers of skin.

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Pictures of before treatment and three weeks after treatment

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