Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating Treatment

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Excessive Sweating Treatment

Botox (Botulinum toxin) Treatment for Excessive Sweating:
Botox is a medical product formerly extracted from bacteria. Today, Botox is produced by genetic engineering and has many uses.

Botox is an American, FDA approved products, and Dysport has an EU CE standard approval.
Treatment with both products includes injections with very small amounts of the product, quick recovery, few side effects and a high quality result. It was initially used as early as the 1970s, in the field of eye medicine, and later on was used to relieve Migraines and muscle cramps (such as in cases of Cerebral Palsy, Torticollis and various Dystonia syndromes).

Another medicinal use of Botox is for treating excessive sweating in the palms, armpits and feet. The product’s chemical action disrupts the nerve communication to the sweating gland, which causes contractions and the creation of sweat. This chemical barrier turned out to be most effective in normalizing the sweating process, so that sweating is moderated appropriately to actual physical needs and not uncontrollably and regardless of the weather, as happens with those who suffer from excessive sweating.

The treatment itself is simple, easy, “routine” and can be performed during the work day. It is also efficient and has one of the lowest risk levels in the medicinal world. This treatment is performed following local anesthesia, using an anesthetic ointment that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, however, there are (many) who can perform this treatment even without local anesthesia. The treatment includes a thorough cleaning of the area and a focused injection to the sweating glands in the relevant areas.

The effects of the products may be seen about a week after injection, however, it may sometimes take patience for up to three weeks. Final results may be observed three weeks after treatment, and if necessary, it is possible to “reinforce” treatment with an additional injection.


How long does this last?
The product is usually in effect between 3-6 months, however, most people enjoy its effect between 5-5.5 months.

What are the risks of using Botox?
This treatment’s risks are very light and reversible. The side effects may include local hemorrhaging, and in rare cases, a passing muscle weakness.

When should you be careful with using Botox?
People with a tendency for increased bleeding, whether due to genetic traits (lack of clotting factors), use of blood diluents (swallowing aspirin or ointments containing Vitamin E), or use of unconventional medicine (homeopathic medicine) – should alert their treating doctor prior to treatment. In some cases, treatment must be ceased several days prior to the Botox treatment.

Who is the Botox Excessive Sweating Treatment for?
The treatment is appropriate for both men and women, from puberty until the age of 120… Please note that this is an aesthetic issue that bothers over 250,000 people in Israel. About 50% suffer from excessive armpit sweating, and above 75% of those who suffer from excessive armpit sweating, suffer from it in other areas, as well.

Please note that those who suffer from excessive sweating, sweat between 20-40 times more than normal, therefore this problem poses both functional and social difficulties. This is even more true for puberty, during which physical appearance and side effects may be critical in social engagement and relations.

Who suffers from excessive sweating and what age does this problem start in?
This phenomenon affects both sexes equally. There is no exact explanation to why this happens and whether it will stop at some point. Some may suffer from it starting from puberty, others from their 20s and 30s. There is no rule as to when and why this occurs.

About half of those who suffer from excessive sweating have family members who also suffer from it.

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