Hair Removal

Hair Removal

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Hair Removal

Laser treatments are considered a new and ground braking area of expertise, however, laser has been present in the world of medicine for many years. Being one of the pioneers of laser treatment in Israel, Dr. Acky Friedman is a renowned expert of this field in corrective dermatology.

It is very important to choose an appropriate laser device, which will provide patients with professionally tailored, advanced solutions, risk free. It is also important not to underestimate the importance of medical supervision in a professional clinic that provides aesthetic laser services.

Laser hair removal is most effective and when properly used, is not painful and provides beautiful, thorough results. However, the various devices must be distinguished.

The title “laser” does not promise that the device used will be efficient, modern, or of high quality. The device intensity can range from superficial to deep and efficient. The differences are due to many factors, that shouldn’t concern the patients, as they are not qualified to examine laser equipment.

Dr. Acky Friedman’s clinic uses only the most advanced equipment, under Dr. Friedman’s personal professional supervision. As a senior dermatologist, Dr. Friedman has the knowledge and expertise to pre-diagnose the skin and recommend the appropriate plan of treatment. For example, does your skin have a tendency for pigmentation? Does your skin tend to scar? This important question may only be answered by a specialist dermatologist and will affect each patient’s personal treatment plan.

It is recommended to schedule an appointment with Dr. Acky Friedman to diagnose the skin prior to choosing a hair removal method, espeically if you have previously been injured in hair removal treatments, skin lightening treatments, etc.

Hair removal has become a necessity in our area and can now be easily reached by anyone.
Throughout the years, there has been significant development in the quality of devices used, the nature of treatment and its effectiveness.

Nowadays, treatments are relatively short, painless, and available for dark skinned patients and in some cases, may be performed all year round.The treatment is not limiting and is mostly very efficient, when performed by properly skilled hands.
Even anatomical areas that were formerly less successful, compared to other areas, are now treatable in an optimal and in relatively successful rates.


Q:Is the hair removal permanent?
A:Since not all our hair roots are active in any given time, sometimes it is possible to witness a certain growth of hair even after a series of treatments for its removal. This is because the inactive hair roots started acting, for various reasons, after the removal treatments, and therefore one shouldn’t be surprised by the need for occasional maintenance treatments.
The need for these treatments depend on the anatomical area, age, ethnic origin, hormonal influences, nutritional disturbances, etc.
These maintenance treatments are also easy, simple, quick and efficient.


Q:Hair removal – what age can you start?
A:It is possible to start hair removals in any age. Please note that many factors may affect both the growth and removal processes and that the number, duration and frequency of the treatments may change between patients and ages.


Q:Hair removal in men
A:As in any aesthetic treatment, hair removals apply to men as well, whether in local, focused treatment or the desire to thin out hair in vast areas of the body. Nowadays, it is even possible to successfully treat people even if they don’t have dark hair color.


Q:Must you shave before each treatment?
A:Shaving before treatment is valuable for obtaining optimal results in treatment.


Q:Must women who need facial hair removal also shave with a knife?
A:It is possible to remove hair prior to laser treatment using special cremes and shaving.

For additional questions, please leave your details and a clinic representative will contact you shortly.

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