Treating Veins and Stretch Marks

Treating Veins and Stretch Marks

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Treating Veins and Stretch Marks

Treating Veins

Veins may appear in various areas of the body, commonly in the face and legs. This happens due to genetic factors, and other contributing factors such as standing for long durations of time, taking medications, etc.
The appearance of these veins is an aesthetic issue that can be simply solved using the laser devices now available.
These devices, which are intended for treating blood vessels, bring about the ruin and disappearance of the redundant blood vessels in an easy, quick and safe process with minimal pain.
This technology now enables treatment of situations of “vast vein networks”, and even more complex situations (Rosacea) which couldn’t be treated until now.
In some cases, and when the medical clinic allows it, it is possible to use a combination of laser treatments and injections in order to achieve an optimal result.

Stretch marks
Removing stretch marks is not a distant dream and can now be easily achieved. A focused, professional treatment can improve the marks and restore a complete and smooth look to your skin.

Stretch marks appear following a skin expansion that was too quick or too long, and may appear in any part of the body. The marks are typical in pregnancy, in cases of weight gain, and in puberty, during which the natural growth is accelerated in adolescents. It is common to find stretch marks in the stomach and chest but they may also appear on the thighs, arms, lower and upper back, and more.

A stretch mark represents an area were the collagen and elastin fibers couldn’t handle the strain and ripped, these are tears deep in the skin. This is why various cremes and oils for external use on the skin may feel nice and definitely improve the skin’s exterior flexibility, however, they cannot prevent the creation of stretch marks.

Dr. Acky Friedman’s gol is to try and improve the marks’ look as much as possible.

Dr. Friedman adjusts, per patient, the best and most appropriate treatment technology, according to the personal medical parameters.

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