Wrinkle Filling

Wrinkle Filling

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Wrinkle Filling

The path towards reducing the depth of wrinkles, toning the face or achieving a healthy, youthful look can be very quick. 

A professional, skilled wrinkle filling can be performed to soften expression wrinkles descending from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth, deep wrinkles on the sides of the mouth, wrinkles around the lips, wrinkles in the forehead area, between the eyes, and more. The more skilled the doctor is, the more focused and qualitative solutions he or she may offer you. 

Filling material are also used for toning and shaping facial features, such as lip filling, filling sunken cheeks or cheekbone enhancement. Filling materials may also be used to tone the back of the hands, and more.

Dr. Acky Friedman encourages keeping a natural look and avoiding an artifical effect, and is expert in filling wrinkles even in the most delicate areas. Prior to treatment, Dr. Friedman will apply anesthesia to the treated area. 

You don’t have to wait with filling wrinkles, you may notice excellent results even when the wrinkles only start appearing. Top quality filling materials grant you with the finest results, with no accompanied concerns.

The results can be witnessed after about two days, depending on the patient’s skin. The results improve over the following days and may last between a year and year and a half, depending on the patient’s skin traits, filling material type and the location of injection.

Treatment areas

Expression wrinkles descending from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth, deep wrinkles on the sides of the mouth, lip filling, filling sunken cheeks, wrinkles between the eyes, and more.

Filling material may be used to improve the look in various areas and smooth out wrinkles, tone sunken areas (cheeks), tone (cheekbones), adding volume (deficiency flaws, improving the look of the back of the hand) and fixing asymmetry and flaws (whether you were born with them or acquired them throughout the years).

Treatment method
The treated area will be locally anesthetized and the filling material will be injected with a thin needle.

Side effects
Sometimes, an Edema or hemmorhage may occur, but they pass within several days.
Sometimes small bumps may appear, but they also disappear following several weeks.

Results may be seen about two days after injection (when the slight swelling, caused by the injection, disappears.
As mentioned, the effect of the product is noticeable between a year and a year and a half, depending on the injected area.

Treatment costs
Costs depend on the amount of product used, the length and depth of the wrinkles and their location.

What are filling material? How do they work?
There are hundreds of filling products on the market nowadays, however, they may be roughly divided to short term (temporary) and long term (permanent) filling materials.

  • Long term (permanent) filling materials: In this case, the body cannot break down the used material, and therefore it cannot be removed in the case of a malfunction/complication.
    Therefore, they apply to the category of “inject and forget”: whether treatment worked or not, it is impossible to chance the situation.
    In many countries it was recommended to stop using silicone (the main representative of this group) due to its familiar side effects, such as deformations, moving around the skin, etc.
  • Short term (temporary) filling material: These products are based on materials our body can create (collagen, hyaluronic acid) and decompose. Therefore, the time span of these materials is limited (treatment must be renewed about once a year). Common products in this group are Stylage, Restylane, and other similar products.

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Before and after pictures

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