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Your skin wraps and protects you from the external world . A healthy skin will provide the best results, therefore it is important to take care of its healthy state. While everyone talks about external factors that damage the skin (for example, aging due to radiation or environmental pollution), it is important to note that the skin is affected just as much by internal factors, which explains why it is a medical field by all means.

My role as a specialized Skin Care Doctor is to provide you with a variety of solutions and options to enable you, as much as possible, to preserve and nurture this vital organ of your body, which is also the biggest organ in your body. As a specialized Skin Care Doctor, I address the entire whole of skin and its problems, which appear in each of its three main layers:

  • The external layer- Epidermis, which is visible
  • The middle layer- Dermis, the living region of the skin that is comprised of blood vessels, nerves, hair roots and such.
  • The deeper layer of under-skin fat- Hypodermis

Each layer has a daily role and could be damaged by various factors throughout your life.

Who needs a skin care doctor?

A checkup twice a year is no cliche! Starting from infancy, and for the rest of your life. Your skin is a vital organ in your body and it should be preserved in order to protect everything else. Skin problems begin in infancy and childhood (for example diaper rash and chickenpox), continue into adolescence with acne and will follow well into adulthood with a variety of phenomenons such as jock itch, stretch marks, skin lesions, warts, sun spots and skin tumors, spots and chronic skin diseases.

It is important to remain attentive to your skin, notice changes and arrive to consulting and checkups. Most cases that are diagnosed in a timely manner are treated easily and quickly. As the problem continues without treatment, it becomes more and more complicated. Changes in the skin are the skin’s way to talk with you and present you with problems. I invite you to take interest in your skin, your largest organ, listen to it and treat it year round- from infancy to 120!

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The Variety of Skin Care Treatments 

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