Diaper rash

Diaper rash is a common problem known to every mother. It develops in the groins and buttocks due to the contact of skin with urine and excrement and due to the humidity in the area and the sometimes mechanic friction with the diaper. A rash indicate to neglect or lack of diligence in changing diapers. It may arise minutes after changing a diaper. For adult women, a similar rash may arise from using pads – especially perfumed or hygienic pads for sphincter control issues. The same situation happens to soldiers or travelers that, for various reasons, use the same underwear over time, without properly taking care of hygiene.

In more severe cases, there may be blisters, rash, bacterial infection, fungal infection or all of the above. It is most common during the ages of 9-12 months and may first come when starting to consume to hard foods and the subsequent changes in the form of excrement. Various skin phenomenons, such as psoriasis, may appear at the same time. This can be worsen when coming in contact with urine and feces, and therefore proper diagnosis and treatment are key.

Therapeutic options and folk medicine can calm the infected area, mainly by washing it with water and soap, as well as drying and ventilating the area. Do not use wipes. Instead, just use lukewarm water (hot water may make the problem worse) and soap (this is my recommendation for changing diapers at any time – except for when you have no choice, use water and soap). Smear soothing creams that absorb quickly. Leave the baby with no diaper for 20-30 minutes several times a day and sometimes use ointments – antibiotic or antifungal ones, administered by a doctor. Sometimes the problem will pass quickly but sometimes it may be persistent and have a “roller coaster”; improvement and degradation occurring over long periods of time, but patience and persistency will get the us and the baby to an optimal condition.

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