Genital Warts Debunked

What are Genital Warts and where do they originate?

Warts originate from a virus that is spread during sexual intercourse. They have distinguishable characteristics in their texture and look, are not painful and may appear in the groin, pubic hair, cervix, vagina, buttocks, or anus area. Warts originate from a virus group called HPV and there are over 150 different types of viral warts.

What is the risk of being infected by the virus?

In men, the indication that the contagion is present is the appearance of viral warts with noticeable characteristics and there is a risk of contaminating the sexual partner. In women, these warts may appear in hidden areas like the cervix. Four types of this virus have the potential to cause the development of cervical cancer in women. There is also a small chance of developing nasopharyngeal cancer.

How can you prevent this from happening?

Avoid sexual intercourse with partners that have visible warts. Some claim that if a condom covers the warts, it provides sufficient protection, but this claim remains in dispute. Those who currently suffer or have previously experienced this problem should inform their sexual partner about the existence of warts, or of their presence in the past. Every woman should have a regular checkup with a gynecologist and undergo a colposcopy test of the cervix. If your sexual partner has warts, it is recommended that you inform your doctor. The appearance of warts, on any person, requires diagnosis and treatment at a dermatologist or gynecologist.


The treatment for warts involves destroying and dissolving them. It may be accomplished by smearing a medical product or by physical methods that mechanically destroy the warts such as an electric needle, liquid nitrogen or laser treatment. It is important to note that all these treatments are suitable for existing warts but they do not necessarily guarantee that the warts will not return or prevent new ones from appearing. It is advisable to shave pubic hair before treatment so as to locate any warts that may be hidden.


In recent years, two vaccines have been made available for different combinations of the virus types. It is recommended that this vaccine is administered to every girl before becoming sexually active.

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