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Legal Councelling

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  A Legal Medical Opinion must be concise and rely on professional written material. It must include a response to the counter party and even a testimony on trial, if necessary.

It is very important that the provider of Legal Medical Opinion be a reliable, experienced specialist doctor, who, apart from his medical experience, has proficient skills for speaking in court, if necessary.  

In addition to his expertise in Dermatology and Venereology, Dr. Acky Friedman has an L.L.B and is qualified to provide a Legal Medical opinion to courts, The National Insurance Institute, The Ministry of Defence, etc.

Any lawsuit dealing with body damages must include a medical opinion given by a doctor that specializes in the field of the lawsuit. In the case that the medical opinion proves that damage was, indeed, inflicted, it would allow the claiming of compensation payment.

This type of medical opinion addresses, in detail, subjects such as medical negligence or medical damage due to inappropriate conditions. For example, Medical Negligence Insurance Lawsuits, Lawsuits due to injuries caused during security service or various claims to the The National Insurance Institute and Income Tax Authority due to loss of working capacity.

Dr. Acky Friedman is a senior Dermatologist with over 25 years of experience, in addition to legal credentials for providing Legal Medical Opinions.

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Legal Medical Opinions


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