Skin Asthma- Dr. Acky Friedman

Skin asthma usually takes form in dry, damaged, irritated, and red skin and appears in 90% of the occurrences up to the age of 5. In more rare cases, the condition starts at an older age. About 15% of children suffer from it while about up to 3% of adults suffer from this disease. The lesions show up at first as dry and itching skin areas, mostly in the skinfolds (elbows, behind the knees, neck), however they lesions may also appear on other body parts other than skinfolds.
The condition is genetic, non-contagious, and the appearance of widespread areas of lesions are often the first warning sign before the development of asthma in the respiratory system. As opposed to many previous perceptions, different food types do not cause this problem, but there is no doubt that an existing sensitivity to certain foods may increase the phenomenon. We are aware of the significant rise in the probability of developing the disease in the past 50 years, but there is no clear scientific explanation for this phenomenon.
In this case, like in most known chronic medical problems, prevention is the best treatment. It makes sense to avoid known risk factors such as cold and dry air, conditions of stress and anxiety, chemical products (fuels, glues, oils) or other factors with the potential to trigger this condition. It is recommended (especially when treating children) to apply moisturizing lotion, regular use of bath oils and living a life that lacks “threatening” factors.
Even when the condition worsens, which is normal in transition seasons, it is not recommended to rush to use steroid medications for several reasons:
Day-to-day advice: keep your environment not too dry (air condition and heating dry up the air), and consider using humidifiers. Avoid extremely hot water and long contact with water and soap, as much as possible. Oil the body with different products (non-medicational, as often as possible).
Please note that this is a seasonal, temporary condition, which, in most cases, goes away in the second decade of life.

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