Facial Feature Accentuation and Permanent Makeup

Facial Feature Accentuation and Permanent Makeup

למידע נוסף השאירו פרטים ונציג המרפאה ייצור עמכם קשר בהקדם

Facial Feature Accentuation and Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that uses tattooing methods – inserting a color pigment into the skin using a needle

Tali Golan is a leading, certified makeup artist specializing in makeup arts and specifically in Permanent Makeup. During the first consulting meeting, Tali meets the patient, commitment free, and plans a treatment according to the requests, demands and expectations of the patient. This consultation meeting is intended for introduction with the client and matching color and shape to her facial structure.

Permanent makeup is usually conducted by a certified cosmetician, and requires a thorough expertise. The makeup stays “permanent” for a period of time that depends on several parameters:

  • The makeup’s location on the body – permanent makeup on the lash line (eyeliner) may stay for even 20 years, as opposed to permanent lip makeup, which lasts for two years.
  • The shade of pigment used in the makeup (lighter tones fade quicker)
  • The quality of materials and equipment used (type of needle, instrument, color, etc.)
  • Skin type
  • Type of makeup (accentuation of facial features and shading lasts less on your skin than full makeup)
  • The skill of the makeup artist

Results of the treatment and skin healing
The process of permanent makeup is accompanied by a feeling of tingling to pain, the intensity of which changes according to the treated area, needle type and the makeup artist’s skill, therefore it is possible to use various anesthesia methods to relieve the pain. Following treatment, the made up area will appear reddish and swollen, and must be treated with a skin healing cream in the case of permanent makeup.
The swelling gradually decreases in accordance with the skin area and patient’s sensitivity. Initial results for the permanent makeup can be noticed about two weeks following treatment. When the process of skin renewal is complete, the skin tone is completely stabilized, about a month following treatment. The process of permanent makeup usually requires one or two treatments.

Types of permanent makeup

  • Shaping and shading the brow
  • Shaping brow hair (the Hair System)
  • Eyeliner Line
  • Lips – Accentuating the natural lip liner
  • Lips – Augmentation

The benefits of permanent makeup

  • Permanent makeup is a convenient solution for women seeking to look their best, 24/7
  • The makeup stays permanent, doesn’t smudge or run even in extreme weather and temperature conditions.
  • The permanent makeup is made of natural, high quality materials.
  • Permanent makeup fixes asymmetry and covers up flaws.
  • Permanent makeup gives you a perfectly made up look even when coming out of a pool or shower, with no need to re-apply makeup.

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Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures



Before and After Pictures

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