Ingrown nail

Ingrown nail

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Ingrown nail

What is it? How does it happen?

An ingrown nail is a common, well known phenomenon caused by many reasons, mainly, wrong trimming of the nail, and is expressed by local pain occasionally accompanied by redness, fever and puss in the infected area. This phenomenon requires attention from the first appearance and in the most difficult cases – surgical action to solve the problem. Initial treatment includes baths and soaking the foot in warm water and antiseptic soap, while locally applying antibiotic ointments.
In the lighter cases, the problem may be solved by removing the penetrating edge, whether independently or with the assistance of a pedicure specialist. The need for surgical action arises when the infection is significant and the treatment must be performed by an experienced doctor. Most of the surgical procedure is removing the nail part causing the infection and focusing a laser device to the area where the nail grows, in order to prevent future growing in this area. The action is short, ambulatory (the patient returns home after treatment) and is performed under local anesthesia of the treated area.
The most significant phenomenon that accompanies the process may be a local pain, which can be relieved with pain killers and in most cases, antibiotic treatment. It is necessary to rest at home for two-three days after treatment, and for two weeks restrict activity such as walking/running/sports.

This treatment should be performed by a doctor that specializes in diagnosing the problem, is well familiar with the local anatomy and can perform the procedure even in the limiting conditions of an active infection.
The treatment is simple, short and is performed under local anesthsia. Following treatment there is difficulty (depending on the severity of the initial issue) for several days.
The purpose of this treatment is to solve the issue and make sure it doesn’t recur in the treated finger.

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