Lip Filling and Enhancement

Lip Filling and Enhancement

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Lip Filling and Enhancement

Full and sensuous lips are considered an ideal of beauty, however, lip filling has an additional effect not many are aware of- it reduces wrinkling around the mouth. With skilled treatment it is possible to maintain your natural look and avoid an artificial lip look. This is Dr. Acky Friedman’s expertise.

Natural and appropriate accentuation of the lip lines, as well as lip filling, are treatments that require skill, expertise and knowledge along with a personally adjusted, top quality filling material.

Professional lip filling, using top quality filling materials, will grant you beautiful results for the longest time possible.

There is a wide array of materials for filling and toning lips. Dr. Acky Friedman will explain, during a personal consultation session, which material is most appropriate for you and why.

Dr. Friedman recommends filling lips in order to renew your lips’ natural, full look and as a solution for reducing wrinkles around the lips. The filling improves the face and lips’ youthful and vital look. This treatment can also be performed in order to tone the face and make the dream of naturally fuller lips, come true.

Lip definition and filling are treatments that require skill, expertise and knowledge, along with a personally and case-specifically adjusted filling material.

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Before and after pictures

Before and after pictures

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