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Possible solutions for pigmentation, wrinkles, skin fatigue, etc.

In order to achieve an optimal solution, sometimes several disciplines and treating elements are combined (professional, multi-disciplinary combination).

In many cases, there are spots the source, character, coverage area and depth of which vary. Therefore, we must combine several methods and at times, a number of professionals, using appropriate equipment and expertise in order to achieve optimal results. While in cases of superficial pigmentation, it is sometimes possible to solve the issue simply using chemical materials or a single session treatment with an IPL device, in other cases we must use chemical peeling, laser treatments, a series of IPL+RF treatments and appropriate cosmetic treatments in order to achieve an optimal result.

This series of treatments requires patient, perseverance, accurate treatment timing and high skill of the professionals performing the treatment.As opposed to the common belief that a top quality device is sufficient, you must always take note that what matters is “the hand that rocks the cradle” and that nothing can replace a skilled professional who uses top quality equipment, and knows this equipment thoroughly, in order to reach optimal results.

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