Scar Treatment

Scar Treatment

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Scar Treatment

Smart and accurate treatment for acne scars

While in the past, most treatment in acne scars was performed as a deep skin peeling with hope that following that peeling, most of the scars will disappear, today we can, much more intelligently and precisely, treat the range of challenges these scars pose to us:

Encouraging collagen and elastin production in the connecting tissue under the scar and restructuring tissue in the area around the scar. This process takes time.

Repairing keloid scars/scars following surgery”

These scars may appears after a wide range of medical procedures, accidents and other injuries and may be a substantial aesthetic defect, if located in exposed areas. It is usually recommended to treat these scars upon their creation, since treatment at this early stage has much higher success rates than treatment of “old” scars (more than 3 years old). It is possible to combine several treatment options to achieve improvement in the scar’s look and texture. These improvement may be the difference between exposing and hiding an area of the skin, by a patient.
Treatment methods may be:

In order to reach optimal results, it is necessary to injure and peel the upper skin layers. When this process is performed in combination with treatment processes for skin tissue or deeper layers, an optimal result is achieved, of “fixing” the scars and flaws from within and improving the exterior look, while growing a new and better skin layer.

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Before and after treatment pictures

Before and after treatment pictures

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