Skin Diseases in Children

Skin Diseases in Children

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Skin Diseases in Children

Skin diseases in children have two main factors:

    • Skin phenomenons that are unique to newborns, children and adolescents
    • Parents react with a high level of anxiety to these cases (especially when a first child is concerned)

In most cases, it is possible to relieve or resolve these phenomenons with proper treatment and parental instruction.


Skin phenomenons that are unique to newborns, children and adolescents:

A large number of skin phenomena unique to various age groups may appear. These phenomenons require precise diagnosis followed by regular check ups and/or treatment, sometimes long term.

    • Newborns:
    Hemangioma is very common, the appearance of widened blood vessels, which are mainly an aesthetic flaw and usually require check ups for several years and, if this does not pass, a decision regarding treatment. These blood vessels may appear in various areas of the body and have varying shapes and dispersion. In many cases, these lesions are partially or completely absorbed throughout the years, which justifies waiting until the patient can cooperate and undergo treatment to improve his condition. This treatment is usually a series of laser treatments.
    • Children:
    Viral warts are one of the most prominent and disturbing phenomenons in childhood, both aesthetically and due to the viral source of these warts, which means it may recur in this child and infect other children in his vicinity. There are several types of warts typical to childhood, the most familiar of which is called moloscum.
    It is not always necessary to treat viral warts, since in some cases they diminish and disappear on their own, with no treatment, while various treatments may cause side effects that remain forever, while the warts disappear without leaving a trace.
    • Adolescents:
    The most common skin phenomenon in adolescents is pimples, (acne) which appears, in varying intensities, in 100% of adolescents.

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