Skin Rejuvenation and Texture Improvement

Skin Rejuvenation and Texture Improvement

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Skin Rejuvenation and Texture Improvement

The rejuvenation, tightening and improvement of the skin texture in sagging tissue, through use of laser/light beam and quick removal of redundant skin cells. It is now possible to reach a substantial improvement in general look and texture in a relatively short time.
Using the advanced laser devices in our clinic, we can induce a thriving and increased creation of collagen and elastin, without harming the upper skin layer.
Due to this, the patient leaves treatment with slight redness that usually disappears in several hours, and after a series of treatments it is noticeable that skin texture has improved and solidified, and that many previous flaws have significantly improved. As mentioned, this is a light, non invasive, pain free action that does not require any healing time.
Please note that there is added value to conducting “maintenance” for protection and preservation of the skin and its texture. This maintenance is preferable to start when the skin starts losing its flexibility and texture, rather then when the condition progresses.
An impressive result can be achieved when properly maintaining, avoiding excessive uncontrolled sun exposure, avoiding exposure to chemicals (cigarette smoke and pollution) and constant upkeep of skin moisture.

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