Skin Warts and Fungal Infections

Skin Warts and Fungal Infections

למידע נוסף השאירו פרטים ונציג המרפאה ייצור עמכם קשר בהקדם

Skin Warts and Fungal Infections

There is a wide range of skin lesions:

  • benign lesions from birth or genetic inheritence
  • Lesions developing due to age, sun exposure, chemical expsoure, etc.
  • Lesions in people with low immunization.
  • Skin and nail fungal infections:Skin fungal infection is an issue that may be an aesthetic burden, but may also have medicinal significance. There is a wide range of treatments available nowadays, to assist in solving it.

All these lesions best be checked by a dermatologist, once or twice a year.

Warts are viral, contagious lesions, that take form in many shapes and areas of the body in various ages.
Most warts belong to the HPV group. Depending on the age of the patient and location of the wart, it is possible to clinically diagnose the wart and offer treatment options.

Treatment options:

  • Household car. Use of digestive products, according to the doctors prescription.
  • Destruction of the wart using an electric needle/liquid nitrogen/laser.
  • Surgical removal.

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