Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

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Innovations and scientific progress brought us to a new age with all that regards the variety of options to solidify, rejuvinate, revitalize, remove spots, improving skin texture, etc. using laser/light ray devices.

These treatments take place with minimal pain and most of them are not accompanied by any special conditions following treatment. The variety of options, while using various devices and capabilities both or light ray devices and laser devices or in combination with other cosmetic/aesthetic treatments, exposes a boundless wide world the likes of which we’ve never known. The trend is to specifically tend to various areas of the face and specifically target each issue, while occasionally combining several devices and treatment methods.

Our clinic is equipped with a very wide array of treatment options with the most innovative, leading and high end equipment the market has to offer. All this in order to provide the best care for each and every patient. Dr. Acky Friedman personally consults, directs and closely supervises each laser treatment from start to end.

For consultation and diagnosis at Dr. Acky Friedman’s clinic, please leave your details and a clinic representative will contact you shortly>

The variety of laser treatments

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