7 Questions About Sun Safety

1. What are the most dangerous hours for sun exposure?
When the sun is at the shortest distance from us, the rays that are sent are the strongest. This happens between 10:00-15:00, some say between 9:00-16:00. During these hours, it is best to not stay more than 15 minutes in direct sun and use all means of protection.

2. What are the most effective protection methods?
In principle, it is best to avoid exposure to the sun during these hours. If you do, equip yourself with a broad brimmed hat, long sleeves (pants and a shirt) and use sunblock in areas where you can’t be protected otherwise.

3. What is the desired level of sun protection and what us the proper way to use it?
Use a sunblock (SPF 40-70) for long times in the sun and re-apply every 90 minutes. To achieve good results, apply a lot of sunblock.

4. How to protect oneself from radiation by other means?
Staying in shaded areas may help but remember that even under the parasol there is about 70% radiation. At the beach and in the pool there is significant reflection of the sun’s radiation from the water line (like a mirror), so be sure to use protection there, too.

5. Does clothing prevent radiation?
Clothing helps protect from the sun but does not prevent radiation. The darker the clothing, the better it will block radiation.

6. What about sunbaths for children?
Sunbaths were meant to prevent rickets disease. Today it is clear that there is no need for long exposure or exposure during dangerous hours to prevent the disease. On the contrary, the heaviest damage to the skin is caused by long exposure in childhood. You must take care and practice caution with sun exposure for children and adults alike.

7. What is a good exposure to the sun?
Exposure of about 20 minutes during the right hours and with the right protection. A short exposure that repeats itself is better than a long, uncontrolled, and unprotected exposure.

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