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Botulinum toxin is a protein that was developed in 1987 and has since been used in general medicine and aesthetic medicine. The product is produced from bacteria and is known by its commercial American name “Botox.” There is an alternative product in Europe, “Disport.” The function of this product is to be a chemical barrier between the nerve and muscle and reduce the quantity and intensity of messages that are transmitted from the nerve to muscle.
In the area where the substance is injected there is weakness in the muscle cramping, even though the nerve continues to give cramping instructions. The aesthetic medicine uses this trait to reduce and remove wrinkles – in various areas of the face: forehead, between eyebrows (“anger wrinkles”) and in the areas around the eyes. This isn’t “wrinkle filling” since the substance does not fill wrinkles or deficient areas but by hiding them with chemical barriers between the nerve and muscle.
What is the response to the injection of Botox?
The response to this injection shows sometimes up to three weeks after injection, but usually much earlier. The active substance holds for four to six months and when you feel that its action fades away, injection may be repeated. This is a local injection that takes place after a local anesthesia by an ointment that is spread an hour before the injection. This is an ambulatory process – the patient can continue their daily routine right afterwards with no limitation. This is one of the most simple, secure, and riskless procedures that can take place at any time and place as long as it is performed by a specialist. Self-Botox injection is dangerous and can cause severe complications.

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