Some Facts About Hair Loss

Hair loss is an issue that will bother a majority of people at some point in their life. The reasons for hair loss vary and often this hair loss takes place as a result of a few combined factors, therefore only a treatment of all factors may reduce the severity of this issue. Over the years, several myths have developed regarding hair loss and its treatment. We will try to shed some light over some of these myths.

Myth 1: A short haircut or shaving your scalp will strengthen the hair roots and stop hair loss

Truth – These actions won’t stop the problem. Shaving does not reach the hair roots and does not affect it in any way. It may seem like less hair falls out after a haircut, but it is only so because the fallen hair is less visible.

Myth 2: Administering zinc supplements helps preventing hair loss

Truth – In 99% of hair loss occurrences, there is no lack of zinc and the reasons for hair loss are something else. Please note that administering zinc in excess may disrupt the absorption of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for hair loss prevention.

Myth 3: Headstands affect hair loss reduction

Truth – There is no connection between standing on your head and hair growth.

Myth 4: Massaging the scalp or warming it will cause blood vessel expansion and thereby increase hair growth

Truth – Warming and massaging do not prevent hair loss, they just make you feel better.

Myth 5: Stress affects hair loss

Truth – There is partial truth in this myth. Mental stress after traumatic experiences such as a divorce process, medical procedures or losing a job may contribute to an increase in hair loss. In this context, it is important to note that stress and its intensity differ from one person to another, and that sometimes there are positive factors that generate mental pressure (like getting ready for a wedding), that may also be a reason for an increase in hair loss. It is also important to mention that in these cases, hair loss is evident between 6 weeks and up to 6 months after the mentioned event.

Physical pressure may also affect hair loss. The pressure caused by wearing a tight hat, tight ponytail or braiding the hair very tightly can increase hair loss.

Myth 6: Shampoo penetrates the hair roots and fixes damages

Truth – No shampoo or any other hair product can penetrate the hair roots and fix existing damage.

Myth 7: Hair dyeing causes great damage to the hair.

Truth – Dyeing does not damage hair, but it can definitely cause processes of inflammation in the skin of the scalp. Over the long-term, these processes can impact hair growth.

Myth 8: It is best not to shampoo daily in order to prevent hair loss

Truth – Daily shampooing assists in maintaining a healthy scalp and, therefore, is recommended.

Myth 9: Dandruff increases hair loss

Truth – There is no connection between an oily scalp and dandruff to hair loss.

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