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The skin absorbs laser energy. This energy should identify locations where there is concentrated pigmentation. The meaning of laser hair removal is to remove and destroy a hair follicle. Hair roots that are exposed and burned by enough energy will not return to function. A measure of therapeutic success of hair removal causes a significant reduction in the number of hair follicles; therefore, there is an option to reduce hair. This dilution varies in different areas of the body and is dependent on the number of treatments and the quality of treatment. There is no chance of full hair removal, forever.

The biology of hair growth
The hair’s life cycle is divided to three stages. It is important to remember that there are hair follicle that are inactive and may start to be active at a certain point in the future. For example, hair in the ear may show in different phases of adult ages and grow more and more with time.
Since the biology of the hair is impacted by various factors, of them hormonal factors, we should note that a treatment for hair removal at adolescence may be long and frustrating due to the fact that hormonal impacts that begin at adolescence have an “opposite” action and enhance hair growth while we attempt to remove hair.

The practitioner
There are a number of devices used for hair removal, most work more or less in similiar ways. The most important thing is that the practitioner know how the device works, its advantages and disadvantages and will know how to adjust the level of expectations of the patient to his/her capabilities and that of the device without creating unnecessary damages.

The device works best when there is a large gap in pigmentation level between the hair and skin underneath. This is why people with light skin that want to remove dark hair will achieve a relatively successful therapy. For this reason, it is important to avoid exposure to the sun during treatment to avoid creating a situation where the device will identify the tanned skin as a target and cause burns.
Today there are no known devices that for treating light or white hair, which is why removing them with laser energy/ IPL is not effective. There are different success rates for different body parts, due to anatomic biological reasons. The highest success rates are in treating armpits and groins, where usually the hair is usually black and dark and the skin is light.
In conclusion, it is best to choose an experienced practitioner to meet expectations and clarify capabilities. And finally, it is best to understand that “permanently smooth” is just theoretical.

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