Mosquito bites

Summer arrived and with it, insects and mosquitos. How to avoid and how to treat? Some practical answers to your most frequently asked questions:

  1. Is there a risk in some bites?

There is a risk of local infection in any bite. This infection can come by constant scratching of the bite location and injury. There are people with high sensitivity to bites and bites on their body are larger. The bite response continues longer for those people and hence there is a higher risk of local infection.

  1. What about spider bites?

Spider bites differ from other bites since we can’t feel the bite when it happens but only hours later when there is redness, heat, and local edema. Spider bites may develop to an area with a central necrosis. This bite should be identified and treated early and effectively. Spider bites may happen at home and there is no connection to clean environment or sanitation.

  1. What about bugs and fleas?

These bites usually happen due to the presence of pets with us. It could be the clean house pet or a cat giving birth in the backyard, pigeon eggs in high windows or far corners in the attic. In these cases, you must take care to avoid the cause. A local pesticide may help but may not solve the problem since a new generation will grow.

  1. What about mosquito bites and Asian tiger mosquito?

These mosquitos come from water sources in our area, which allow the hatching of mosquitos. House vases and fountains are examples of breeding grounds. The occasional problem with these bites is the transmission of diseases (reported mostly abroad).

  1. How to prevent this phenomena?

Take care of standing water sources and remove potential breeding grounds. In decorative pools, you may put fish that eat mosquito larva. Minimize watering and use mosquito repellents on exposed body parts. Coat yourself in insecticide in the afternoon and evening. Use mosquito nets for babies, children, and sensitive people or in places with many mosquitos.

  1. Treatment

The bites usually pass shortly without treatment. Weird or different bites, severe responses or sensitive people should go to a dermatologist to diagnose and take early, suitable treatment.

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