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A lot is happening around this controversial and popular issue in recent years, especially in light of common perceptions. In the past, filling substances were the primary means of improving wrinkles and flaws. The Botulinum (Botox) added to our ability to moderate wrinkles in defined areas. Nowadays, we understand the processes better and as the quality of products improves, more “holistic” methods are being used to cope with the factors of skin aging.

How does skin aging show?
Skin aging, especially facial skin, is expressed by losing volume, particularly in the center third of the face. This aging is caused by a combination of various factors, mostly the progress of the biological clock and exposure to the sun and different poisonous substances (cigarette smoke, soot, etc.). All factors result in a reduction of elasticity and the depletion of the underskin fat tissue, and there is also a decline in skull bone mass due to changes in calcium levels in the body. All these, as well as the need to know and control the anatomical structures and their physiological function, elicit a clear need for immaculate professional support and vast experience to deal with these challenges.

Today we can’t stay at the phase of “wrinkle filling”, we are required to have the skills to “redesign” the face to beautify it in some areas, fix flaws in other areas, and help rebuild the areas that lost their volume and original shape. It is necessary to know the existing substances and choose the most suitable and qualified one for the specific case. For example, when taking care of lips, it is recommended to bring them back to their original state from previous years, and not to over-enlarge them to a disproportionate and sometimes ugly result. These are only some of the considerations, opportunities, and limitations we should think about when we rejuvenate and recover the skin’s appearance. Knowledge, experience, and acknowledgment of the abilities are required in order to reach optimal results.
Like in other cases, there is a critical importance for trust between the patient and doctor in order to reach goals.

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Over the course of history, many have fallen victim to this disease. The disease had no separation between classes, professions, or locations on the political map. We have historical evidence about men but almost no evidence about women who were sick with the disease, but there is no doubt that there were women who were sick too. The most well-known celebrities in the world that were probably sick or died from the disease include Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry VIII, Nietzsche, Tolstoy, Van Gogh, Shubert, Randolph Churchill (Winston Churchill’s father and a politician himself) and Adolf Hitler.
Syphilis is a bacterium that can be transmitted during sexual intercourse resulting in various clinical signs that sometimes resemble other diseases. There is also a possibility that a sick pregnant mother will infect the fetus, and in these cases there may by signs of the disease in the fetus in a condition referred to as “Congenital Syphilis”
Since the disease has a long history and widespread impact, it also had various names over time. The Italians and Germans called it the “French disease,” the French called it “the Italian disease”- the Dutch “Spanish disease” and the Turks – the “Christian disease.” These names point toward conquests, soldiers, or foreign sailors, which the locals believed were responsible for the spreading of the disease in their country, probably through local prostitutes.
Before antibiotics, the disease would disperse over a number of decades in its four stages.
Phases in development of syphilis
In the first phase, it is usually an unpainful ulcer in the female genital that occurs for a week and disappears with or without treatment. Two years later, there may be a characterized rash (this is where the historical connection between skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases began). With lack of treatment and after decades, the third phase may occur, where there is visible damage to blood vessels, expansion of heart atria and heart failure. In the late phase (fourth), there is damage to the nervous system and phenomena of temporary insanity. There is a belief that the unpredictable behavior of Idi Amin, former president of Uganda, was influenced by his sickness of Syphilis for many years.
In Israel, the disease was controlled and almost vanished up to the beginning of the 90s.
Large migrations of infected populations caused its return and flourishing in the country. Fortunately, this is a disease that’s treatment is simple – administering antibiotics. This treatment is very efficient at the beginning of the disease but also effective for those who weren’t treated in the first phase and even those in the more advanced phases can be benefited from antibiotic treatment.
To summarize, there is a need to identify, diagnose, and treat as early as possible to avoid the late implications of this disease.

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