A tattoo is a permanent skin design that is done for various purposes. This design is done by injecting color drops into the upper layer of skin. In terms of complications, side effects, and options for removal, there is significance to the size of the tattoo and its colors.

Since tattooing happens with no anesthesia, there is a burning or pain that continues after, depending on the size and location of the tattoo.

Inserting color drops into the skin may have unwanted affects:

  • Skin infections: due to wrong use or using a device that wasn’t disinfected properly, and is used to treat many people
  • Diseases: may be transmitted from one another, especially when contacting a patient’s blood. For example HIV, liver infection, tetanus.
  • Allergies: to the colors in the tattoo. The more colors (especially red), the risk increases for an allergic reaction. These can develop a number of minutes to a few days after getting the tattoo. This allergy can continue a long time since if the artist did his duty well, the ink stays in the skin, and the immune system keeps “fighting” with the ink all the time. The main allergy factors include metallic material in the injected color, which is why allergies to tattoos are seen commonly in those sensitive to metals.
  • Future complications: the metal substances in the color may be a problem when having an MRI in the tattooed area, because they can distort the image. Epidural shots administered to the back during delivery may cause the metal parts to go into the spine fluid, in these cases a doctor may refuse to inject epidural.

If you still want a tattoo, then look for a professional who works in a sterile setting, while using gloves and disinfected equipment. A professional, high quality tattoo will make it very hard to get rid of color that causes allergies, therefore the process may take a lot of time.

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