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Vitamins and minerals are a group of essential nutrients for the human body, but the body can’t always produce them. Therefore, the body requires help from external sources; mostly food. There are many vitamins and some may be measured by a simple blood test. Some vitamins increase processes and some require other factors to quicken their action. Vitamin D requires sunrays to aid the process. The three most common vitamin deficiencies found in blood tests are Iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. Iron is a mineral found in animal sourced foods, such as sesame, green leaves and others. One of its biggest functions is to transport oxygen via blood circulation. Iron deficiencies may occur after unbalanced diets, pregnancies, births, and blood loss during menstruation. A stabilized Iron level is essential for hair growth and therefore Anemia (lack of Iron) can be another cause for hair loss. Vitamins should be consumed sensibly and only in need, not by “the more, the merrier” concept. In addition, it is important to remember that vitamins are not a food substitute. It’s not a valid option to eat less food or alternately, unlimited amounts of food while thinking that vitamins will stabilize what’s happening in our body. Controlling food variety, quantity and quality remains important while taking supplements. Furthermore, it is important to remember that, despite the public opinion, vitamins cannot replace exercise but only add to it.

Not all dietary supplements are certified and safe to use and it is always advisable to check if the supplements are approved by the FDA, The Ministry of Health or another credible body.

It is important to remember that the dietary supplement industry is a huge financial force: a third of all Americans take vitamins, and the market share value of 10 billion dollars in the US alone, has a great influence on our daily lives.

Having taken this into consideration, vitamins should be administered only in need. It is advisable to check what percentage of the desired quantity exists in the administered supplement (this should be stated on the package) and in the case of taking specific vitamins, ask your doctor what is the best form of absorption for the supplement (oily or water-based environment, etc.). It is important to note that sometimes there may be risks in overusing supplements like Vitamin E. This vitamin assists in slowing the ageing process, reducing wrinkle appearance, quickening scar tissue healing and burns, but in high amounts, it can affect blood clotting and lead to uncontrollable bleeding.

Therefore, it is recommended to adhere to the advice of a Doctor concerning taking supplements; the desired amounts and the optimal administration.

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