How to Deal with Thinning Hair

Hair loss after giving birth

The luxury during pregnancy ends after delivery and then comes a significant period of hair loss. Dr. Acky Friedman, Dermatologist at Mehuhedet, explains that the main causes of hair loss are nutrition deficiencies (mostly Iron, vitamins from the B group, and Zinc), and conditions of stress and trauma (yes indeed, the hardships of giving birth, followed by the new role as “mom” – belong to this category).

Dr. Acky Friedman explains what can (and cannot) be done:

  1. Balanced nutrition: It is important as early as the stages of pregnancy planning to maintain a balanced nutrition during pregnancy and afterwards. The earlier you implement the required changes, you will avoid future troubles. Women who do not maintain a balanced nutrition may suffer from hair loss as early as the second half of the pregnancy.
  1. Supplements: A blood test may find only some of the reasons that may cause hair loss, if a deficiency is found, the dermatologist would usually recommend on taking a multi-vitamin. Here to, it is important to maintain a balanced iron and follic acid intake (that assist not just for avoididng hair loss). It is recommended to use products presecribed by the doctor. These products are controlled and the drug companies guarantee that what is written on them does is true (unlike other supplements in the market that guarantee to not harm). Unlike supplements, when speaking of supplements for hair loss, it is unclear if the latter are safe for breastfeeding, therefore its best to wait until you finish to breastfeed.

3. Bob hair-cut: Many women have haircuts after giving birth, in order to “strengthen the roots”, but this is merely an urban legend. A new haircut will not strengthen your roots, but there are chances that with a short hair cut, the thin hair will be less visible. If you are already at the hairdressers’, it is best to delay (or at least minimize) blow drying, color and use of other chemical substances until the hair loss will stop.

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